ACDC Elite Diving - A Recipe for Success - Ex VIS High-Performance Coach and elite divers on a path to excellence

Our coach Ming Gong has a strong history of success in world diving events. However, it takes far more to become a high-performance coach. Ming has a track record with Diving Victoria, Diving Australia, VIS, and AIS and has trained some of our top Olympic athletes over many years.

Our elite divers develop over many years of consistent training. The relationship between the coach, club, and parents are all essential elements for success. As a new club, we’re firmly focused on the next generation of high-performance athletes.
ACDC means “Australia Collaboration Diving Club” and our plan is just beginning. 



2022 Victoria Elite Junior Championships – Melbourne

  • GOLD BOYS A 1 METRE. Zach Hutchings
  • GOLD BOYS A 3 METRE. Zach Hutchings
  • SILVER GIRLS A 1M. Lea Malina
  • GOLD GIRLS A PLATFORM. Chloe Delzoppo
  • GOLD GIRLS B 1M. Paige Gillam
  • GOLD GIRLS B 3M. Paige Gillam
  • GOLD BOYS C 1 METRE. Archie Forsyth
  • GOLD BOYS C 3 METRE. Archie Forsyth
  • GOLD BOYS C Platform. Archie Forsyth
  • SILVER GIRLS C 3 METRE. Keira Wang
  • BRONZE GIRLS C 3 METRE. Olivia Barr
  • GOLD GIRLS D 1 METRE. Isabella Sun Shangguan
  • GOLD GIRLS C/D 3M SYNCHRO. Keira Wang and Olivia Barr

2022 Australian Elite Junior Championships – Sydney

  • GOLD – BOYS A 3 METRE, Zach Hutchings
  • GOLD – GIRLS B 1 METRE, Paige Gillam
  • GOLD BOYS C 1 METRE, Archie Forsyth
  • GOLD BOYS C 3 METRE, Archie Forsyth
  • GOLD BOYS C Platform, Archie Forsyth
  • SILVER GIRLS C/D 3 METRE SYNCHRO, Keira Wang and Olivia Barr

2022 Fina World Junior Tryouts – Brisbane

  • 1ST PLACE – GIRLS B 3 METRE. Paige Gillam
  • 2ND PLACE – BOYS A 3 METRE, Zach Hutchings

2022 Fina World Junior Diving Championships – Montreal, Canada

ACDC Elite Diving Life Member · Read more
Congratulations to Keira and Olivia selected to train with Zach at the VIS squad. Our goal at ACDC is to produce elite athletes for VIS and Diving Australia · Read more
ACDC diver, Page Gillam moved to a scholarship program with VIS late last year and won a bronze medal in the Fina Montreal World Junior Championships for 3M springboard. Well done Paige and we hope to help bring more champions to support VIS and Australian Diving. · Read more


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